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How do I drink VEEV®?

VEEV® goes perfectly with fresh seasonal superfruits. You can also use VEEV® as a replacement for vodka when mixing your favorite cocktails. Enjoy it on the rocks, with a splash of soda and lime, or in one of our many signature cocktails. Try making a delicious VEEV® cocktail today!

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Is drinking VEEV® healthy?

VEEV is an alcoholic beverage. We encourage you to drink responsibly and live consciously. We believe that VEEV® is a better choice compared to other spirits because it’s 100% natural, only 60 calories per serving, and no added sugars or artificial flavors.

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Where can I buy VEEV products?

Visit the Find VEEV® section to find out where you can buy VEEV®, VitaFrute®, and VEEV® Gift Pack products today!

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How is VEEV a sustainable company?

At VEEV, we perpetually examine every part of our company, from product development to marketing, from sales to how we give back to the community and environmental causes, in order to ensure that we considering the latest sustainable technologies. We take pride in the fact that VEEV is the world’s very first certified carbon neutral spirit, that we are a certified B Corporation, that we designed every part of every bottle of VEEV® and VitaFrute® with Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in mind. We never lose sight that VEEV would not exist without the inspiration of the açaí berry; so we are committed to giving back. VEEV donates 1% of all sales to rainforest preservation. Read more about our Corporate Sustainability efforts.

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Why açaí?

The açaí (pronounced ah-SIGH-ee) berry is an exotic fruit found in the Brazilian rainforest and popularized by surfers and health enthusiasts all over the world. With a natural sweet taste akin to dark berries, the acai infused VEEV is the perfect spirit for making delicious and refreshing superfruit cocktails.

Packed with nutrients, this purple berry tastes like an exotic blend of dark berries and boasts an impressive 57% more antioxidants than pomegranates or blueberries, as well as 30 times more heart-healthy anthocyanins than red wine.

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What does VEEV mean?

The name VEEV is derived from the romance language word for “life”. In Latin it’s “vita”, “viva” in Spanish and “vivre” (pronounced veev!) in French.  Intended to uplift and inspire, VEEV represents our philosophy to live consciously and to always have fun.

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Is VEEV sold outside of the U.S.?

If you would like to purchase VEEV from outside of the U.S., please visit, a website that ships VEEV to locations all over the world.

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How did VEEV get its start?

VEEV was launched in 2007 by two brothers, Courtney and Carter Reum, after a surfing trip to Brazil where they discovered smoothies made with the açaí berry, known locally as “purple gold” because of its health properties. Inspired by this impressive superfruit, they left behind their investment banker roles at Goldman Sachs with a singular goal to start a unique sustainable liquor company, and never looked back. Read more about VEEV in Richard Branson’s book, Screw Business As Usual.

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I want to start my own company. Any advice?

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. A few mistakes will seldom sink the entire ship as long as you keep evaluating and improving. Pick a direction and keep moving!

One of our favorite reads on entrepreneurs is Start Something That Matters by our friend Blake Mycoskie at TOMS. He was nice to include some thoughts and advice from Courtney about starting a company. Read a page from Blake’s book.

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What’s your policy on event sponsorship?

As much as we would like to, it is impossible for us to sponsor every event and celebrate with fans of VEEV. Our Events Team works very hard to evaluate and support a wide range of events that contributes to our brand, typically in the social, environmental, lifestyle/food categories. If you would like to make VEEV a part of your event, please complete this Request Form.

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How can I connect with VEEV?

We love mixology. We love the Earth. But there’s nothing we love more than meeting VEEV fans! Please share with us pictures of your VEEV cocktail creation, your own VEEV party, your questions and suggestions via FacebookTwitter, or email.

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Can I get a job at VEEV?

We’re always on the lookout for good people for VEEV. If you’re interested in working for us, please email with your resume and cover letter.

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