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Get the scoop on exclusive VeeV events! At VeeV, we take celebrations seriously. VeeV is proud to support a wide range of lifestyle events organized by a number of like-minded social and environmental causes that benefit local communities and the world at large.

Events Table

Time Event
Gilt City Spring Garden Party
Yelp Ladies Night
Miami Arts Night hosted by Stella McCartney & Bal Harbour
YogArt at Art Basel
2011 EMA Awards
10th Annual Cerro Pampa Oyster Cup
Blueprint Project Cocktail Party
Savor Los Angeles
Gilt City Miami Earth Day Party
Who’s Who of Green Party Benefitting Freedom to Roam
A Soolip Wedding
RxArt 10th Anniversary
SHFT Pop-up Launch with DKNY
NY Food & Wine Festival
An Evening with Charity:water
In the Life Media Pride Day Brunch
FEED “The 30 Project”
2009 EMA Awards