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A Sustainable Life

For those of you who don’t know us yet, VEEV® is the World’s First Açaí Spirit and we’d like to think, a better way to drink.

At VEEV®, we donate 1% of all sales to rainforest preservation and environmental initiatives because we would never want to lose sight of the little berry that inspired it all. We are committed to ensuring that the açaí berry, along with all the wondrous superfruits and flora in their rainforest habitats, is around for generations to come.

We’d like to share with you the many ways VEEV lives the sustainable life; and how we’re changing the way people think about the alcoholic beverage industry.

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We are a certified B Corp, which means we devote ourselves to harnessing the power of our business to solve social and environmental problems. B Corps meet rigorous social and environmental standards. B Corps create greater economic opportunity, strengthen local communities, and preserve the environment. For VEEV, it's simply a better way to do business.

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Better Ingredients

5 Fun Facts

Cycle of Sustainability

  1. Develop Products Using Sustainable Technology

  2. Use Only Natural Ingredients

    Sustainably Grown, Wild Harvested, Fair Trade

  3. Source Good Water

    Pure, mineral rich Rocky Mountains water, direct from the Snake River Aquifer

  4. Innovate Distillery Process

    Only one in the U.S. to use wind powered renewable energy

  5. Give Back

    1% of Sales goes to rainforest preservation

    1 TREEtini® sold = 1 tree planted in Brazil

  6. Waste Nothing

    Bottle: partially recycled glass

    Bottle Label: printed with organic soy ink

    Case and Boxes: made from post-consumer waste

  7. Educate

    For us, every account is an opportunity to share our passion and pass on green tips to the restaurant or bar

  8. Offset Carbon Footprint

    VEEV = world’s first carbon neutral spirit

We Drink. We Live. We Give Back.

Our lifelong commitment to being
environmentally and socially responsible.

Come Together, Right Now

The VEEV spirit is infectious!
We partner with environmentally
focused nonprofits and like-minded
companies across the U.S.

Our door is open

VEEV® would like to hear from you.
If you have any questions or
suggestions for how we can do better,
please e-mail our co-founder:


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